Adele outdoors

Prophetess Adele Gray

Prophetess Adele Gray is ordained through Pastor Rod Parsley at World Harvest Church in Columbus, Ohio.
Adele was born again at the tender age of three years old. It was her five year old brother who led her in the sinner’s prayer with her seven year old sister by their side. She was called to preach at age thirteen and baptized in the Holy Spirit at age twenty. Prophetess Adele has been in full time ministry for over twenty years.

Adele has ministered to millions by international radio and international television. She travels extensively throughout the USA preaching the word with power.

Adele is a modern day Prophet. She operates in a heavy preaching gift such as the prophetic, and healing demonstration. She is known for her accuracy in the prophetic gift and carries a heavy yoke destroying anointing.

She has been labeled by those in the ministry as a “Minister’s Minister.”
Prophetess Adele hosts an international TV program on TCT called, “TCT Alive”. The show is broadcast into 80 million homes in the United States, and countless more homes internationally.

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