The Harvest

Our Ministry is all about healing souls,minds and bodies.

Let us introduce you to the Lord Jesus. You will never be the same.
We are living in an hour that is shaking the entire population of the earth.
The pestilence of Covid and it's variants, racial divides and angry violent riots. The Ukraine-Russian war and further threats of war are creating polarized international alliances.
North, South, East and West divisions are forming the foundation of the "four horsemen".
Western nations and Sunni Arab nations struggle against the authoritarian coalition of Russia in the North allied with the Shia-Iranian block and China in the East. India is also aligning itself with Russia over the need for gas and oil.
Russian aggression is beginning to cause all of the nations to experience out of control inflation and famine that will become devastating on a truly global scale to the poorest of nations and the wealthy nations.
Israel and our Jewish brothers and sisters of The State of Israel again being surrounded by enemies, a "Ring of Fire" on every side.
Jewish communities of the diaspora (Jewish people living outside Israel) are also being attacked and persecuted worldwide, forcing the Aliyah or the Law of Return declares that "every Jew has the right to come to this country as an the Law of Return declares that "every Jew has the right to come to this country as an Oleh "(immigrant)".
Humanity truly is being universally shaken "(Everything that can be shaken will be shaken)".
The time is now to cry out to God to deliver us from our depravity and live righteous lives.
Every single person from every nation must be implored to call out to God before it is too late.______________________________
Adele Gray Ministries has implemented actions to reach out to our nation and return our society back to God.
  • Repentance changes and heals our souls, restores us and our families.
  • Repentance returns us to mental soundness.

  • Repentance disintegrates chaos.

  • Repentance restores our communities and levels the field to enable the restoration of all forms of social inequalities back to balance.