Restoration Church


Adele Gray


Forged with a Prophetic Edge in the Holy Ghost ‘s Fire.

We are living in an hour that is shaking the entire population of the earth.
The pestilence of Covid and it's variants, racial divides and angry violent riots. All nations are experiencing out of control inflation and Threats of war.
Humanity is being universally shaken. The time is now to cry out to God and pull ourselves up out of our depravity and live righteous lives.
Our communities need to be implored to change.
Restoration Church is taking action to reach out to our community and restore our local society back to God.
  • Repentance changes and heals our souls, restores us and our families.
  • Repentance returns us to mental soundness.

  • Repentance disintegrates chaos.

  • Repentance restores our communities and levels the way to enable the restoration of all forms of social inequalities back to balance.

Restoration Church is all about healing souls,minds and bodies. Church attendance and involvement provides the support that helps strengthen us to bear up and endure life's troubles to their end.
Now is the time to engage with the house of God.Let us introduce you to the Lord Jesus. You will never be the same.